Marasi Riverside located in the middle of Business Bay, an intriguing new project by Dubai Properties.  Marasi Riversie will be offered in chic and sophisticated one and two bedroom apartments which is nicely set away from the bustling city, but at the same time close to many amenities.  The residents can enjoy amenities such as an outdoor and indoor gymnasium, onshore boutiques, swimming pools for all ages, nearby restaurants and beverage hubs, parks and much more.  The best part of it all is that most of the Marasi Riverside luxurious apartments have the breathtaking view of either the Dubai Canal or Burj Khalifa—Dubai’s most popular landmarks.  The project will be ready for handover in the first quarter of 2021 so don’t miss your chance and book your view of the Canal today!

The tentative completion date is: 1st Quarter 2021

Description Payment (%)
Booking 05.00
15-March 2018 05.00
15-July 2018 05.00
15-October 2018 05.00
15-January 2019 05.00
15-May 2019 05.00
15-August 2019 05.00
15-November 2019 05.00
15-March 2020 05.00
15-June 2020 05.00
15-September 2020 05.00
15-December 2020 05.00
Q1 2021 40.00